Saturday, 12 May 2007

Life is short

Once in a while in life somebody close to you passes away and all of sudden you realize the shortness of life. Usually it doesn't last long as you soon forget and go back to an illusion of immortality until death comes near again. The last couple of weeks have been like that for me. Last moth a young 19 year old girl I knew in University passed away after a brief battle with cancer. During her funeral I was touched by the way she had left a marlk on many lives and most importantly everybody knew about her commitment to God. Made me realize that when all is said and done it's your relationships that count, first with God an then with your fellow man. Hope all of you will consider your stand with God and Jesus on reading this.

Another thing is that I work at Kenya Airways and the recent crash made me start thinking again. All in all we are doing well, continue praying for the families of the affected as they come to terms with the tragedy.

Friday, 4 May 2007

Free at last?

Been a Long while Since my last post but here goes.

The Government has decided that the Roundabouts on the route from JKIA to Gigiri have outlived their usefullness- 7 of them in all from Westlands to Nyayo Stadium, a distance that can take less than ten minutes to cover ends up taking over 30. The first to go should be Nyayo stadium, Cars headed toLangata from the airport are needlessly held up there. I hear they want the Kenyatta Avenue one to remain- that's just creating a bottleneck, clear them all I say.

Funny thing is there was a poll on this development on NTV and surprisingly 23% or so did not think that removing roundabouts will ease congestion. Which Nairobi do these dudes live in? I really wonder.Let's hope that they'll make quick work of it. Next in line should beThika Road which has pointless roundabouts like the one at Githurai-for??