Sunday, 31 January 2016

50 x 50 x 50 Number Twelve

Left this one till late. A first experiment in Long exposure. Will have to learn how to stop the lights overwhelming the image.Also tried to get as much symmetry as I could. Got a tripod to steady things and kept the shutter open for 30 seconds and for detail closed the aperture to f/20

Saturday, 30 January 2016

50 x 50 x 50 Number Eleven

Fridge magnets. More use of focus points and shallow depth of field. 1/60 f/2.5

Friday, 29 January 2016

50 x 50 x 50 Number 10

Somethings cooking... I was more focused (pun intended) on the cooking so it may look a bit soft in places. You can say it didn't quite 'wok' out :) This is also my first using flash bounced off the ceiling. 1/80 f/2.8

50 x 50 x 50 Number Nine

Late post due to bad internet where I was last night. Another Portrait. Today's model is my mum. It was was her birthday yesterday so made it extra special. I took this one at dusk and played with the settings to get something done with low light. 1/60 f/2.8 ISO800

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

50 x 50 x 50 Number Eight

Somebody recently asked me if the camera can take selfies. Challenge accepted! Used natural light through a window against my face. I like detail and a little darkness so I underexposed a bit and closed up the aperture. 1/125 f /6.3

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

50 x 50 x 50 Number Seven

I wanted to get more in focus so closed down the aperture a bit. Pictures of flowers are almost cliche and who am I to be left out :) 1/125 f/13

Monday, 25 January 2016

50 x 50 x 50 Number Six

Something that screams Kenyan. I liked this one but the sensitivity was a bit too high at ISO2000 so I had to fix that a bit. 1/125 f/4. It is not fully sharp but not too blurry and I like the amount of detail.

Sunday, 24 January 2016

50 x 50 x 50 Number Five

Managed to sneak one in today to keep things going. Something that’s always around the house. 1/125 f/4

Saturday, 23 January 2016

50 x 50 x 50 Number Four

4/50 It’s a full moon tonight! Revisting something I had done earlier and incorporating it into the project. 1/250 f/8 Another crop

Friday, 22 January 2016

50 x 50 x 50 Number Three

3/50 Stooped down to get a close up of the Rhodes grass. It was pretty sunny and windy so I moved the shutter speed to 1/4000 and used f/2.8 which made for the bokeh effect. Small confession - I cropped this one a bit :)

50 x 50x 50 Number Two

This one is delayed thanks to the black out last night. Number 2 of 50 with the 50mm. Here I was trying to test the low light limits with iso 12800 f/1.8 and 1/10. It looks black and white but I was using the bright moon last night for all the light

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

50 x 50 x 50 Number One

Happy new year everybody! hope you've missed me :)

I am back! This time bearing photos. I have been a photo enthusiast for a while and after a long time finally got that DSLR which I wanted so I can go deeper into photography. TO get the hang of things I'll be posting 50 photos in 50 days using a 50mm lens. The 50mm allows a lot of flexibility in terms of aperture and will playing around with it. So to start it off here is a Njanuary themed pic - Every shilling counts!
f/8 1/200 Used built-in flash with a piece of white paper as a DIY diffuser