Thursday, 1 November 2007

Game on

After postponing my next post here goes on to do with posts(pun very much intended...

At the beginning of the season many people( me included) had written off Arsenal due to the departure of their top scorer of all time Thierry Henry. In fact a friend of mine who is an Arsenal fan went on to say that it the Manchester United vs Arsenal fixture would not be a crucial game. Granted every one of th 38 games is a key fixture what he probably meant is that he didn't expect it it to be a top two encounter.

Well a lot has changed since then with Arsenal's youngsters coming of age in sensational style with Cesc Fabregas pulling the strings in mid-field. He''s probably a top contender for young player of the year, and if he keeps it up it's his for the taking. Not to forget the contribution of others like Adebayor who now finds the net more frequently and Robin Van Persie. Save for last week's encounter with Liverpool, the team has been in very good form (17 games without loss). The thing is of course Manchester United have also had a good run of their own- 8 wins in a row 16 goals in the last 4 matches need I say more?

So all is set for a meeting of the form teams in the FA premiership. No predictions here, with the teams on display it's anyone's guess. However I think Sir Alex will as usual try to stop Arsenals passing game by adding a hassler in midfield like Fletcher, this is one game where Hargreaves will come in really handy.

Looks like a mouth-watering encounter. Game on!

Saturday, 18 August 2007

Protect / Destroy

What a week it has been, 2 exams at work and lots of classes in between. So I really enjoy the opportunity to just chill out at home on Saturday.

The highlight of the week was Tuesday night when I got to hang out with some bloggers and watch Transformers. I hadn't planned to see it but my my bro called me as I was coming home from work and saw it as a good way to unwind after doing an exam that morning. oh and there's this quiz- which tranformer are you?

What a roller coaster ride it was, not exactly Oscar winning material but it was pure entertainment. It had action, great one-liners, hot chicks, hot racks( the cars i.e) al in all a great package, the coolest bit was 'pimp my ride' by bumblebee.

Now on to other stuff as I was browsing came across an interesting blog from a Nigerian sister about how she met her husband- interesting reading oh! Plus another one who calls herself a wild virgin. Check em' out.

Oh and I remember before i had complained about the parking lot that is Mombasa road- The lord heard my cry, the southern bypass to Langata road has finally been opened- cuts a clean hour off commuting time- yay! Right now it's more like a cattle track than a superhighway but it's still a good 'panya' route.

Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Of Good Samiratans and Light Bulbs

A couple of fellow bloggers (huyu na huyu) acccused me of being too quite so I'll break the silence a bit. Let me start with a little story about something that happened to me recently.

Last week I had some time off work so I went Immigration department to collect my passport which I had applied for at the end of April. I knew they had been having a few issues recently but that was more than adequate time for them to sort me out. However my name was not on the list of printed passports and after spending a few minutes on the queue at the counter I was told to come one week later. That really surprised me but I decided to walk out but just as I was heading for the gate somebody tapped me on my shoulder so I turned round thinking I'd see a familiar face but it was a stranger.

Apparently he had been given the same story before so he told me to go and confirm the status with the supervisor. Thought the guy had some ulterior motive at first but that was it and after thanking him I made my way to the supervisor. I explained my situation and she went to look for it and it was there after all, they got my name wrong though but that's for another day. I was surprised to see that there are some genuinely good people out there.

Now on tto the next topic. Earlier this week a I read this article which describes how Google can save up to of power by making the background on their page black. There already is a black version of Google called blackle but I doubt is it's endorsed byt the company. This led me to think about the recent news that some power consumers in Kenya might have to change their work patterns to conserve electricity.

I remember some time back in the papers there was an article about Uganda moving to energy saving bulbs to conserve power. Have our good friends at KPLC considered this or is domestic demand not such a big factor in their calculations?

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

May the FOSS be with you

The title comes from some site I visited on the net. hope it's copylefted. :)

I've used Linux on and off over the last couple of years, installed it at home but lost interest along the way and switched back to Windoze. Now that I've got a new comp I decided to go completely Linux-Ubuntu 7.04 after windows bothered me about activation( a legal copy by the way).

Experience so far has not been bad though I had to install enough packages to use the media. Still haven't got DVD right though, libdvdcss( required to play genuine DVDs the bootlegs work ok) seems to be a problem even after I downloaded the latest version.

Another accomplishment was to connect to the net using GPRS/EDGE and Bluetooth, spent Saturday evening ( yeah I need to get a life) trying to figure it out after some tips from my good friends at skunkworks . turned out the problem was a quotation mark! now I can enjoy my net at home either with USB cable or bluetooth, to the detriment of my mobile airtime of course. Oh how I dream of the day when I I can have cheap net access at home. sigh.

Now I've noticed another problem my system has started becoming slow...

To all the penguins out there, May the FOSS be with you always!

p.s FOSS stands for free and open source software, Star Wars pun very much intended.

Saturday, 12 May 2007

Life is short

Once in a while in life somebody close to you passes away and all of sudden you realize the shortness of life. Usually it doesn't last long as you soon forget and go back to an illusion of immortality until death comes near again. The last couple of weeks have been like that for me. Last moth a young 19 year old girl I knew in University passed away after a brief battle with cancer. During her funeral I was touched by the way she had left a marlk on many lives and most importantly everybody knew about her commitment to God. Made me realize that when all is said and done it's your relationships that count, first with God an then with your fellow man. Hope all of you will consider your stand with God and Jesus on reading this.

Another thing is that I work at Kenya Airways and the recent crash made me start thinking again. All in all we are doing well, continue praying for the families of the affected as they come to terms with the tragedy.

Friday, 4 May 2007

Free at last?

Been a Long while Since my last post but here goes.

The Government has decided that the Roundabouts on the route from JKIA to Gigiri have outlived their usefullness- 7 of them in all from Westlands to Nyayo Stadium, a distance that can take less than ten minutes to cover ends up taking over 30. The first to go should be Nyayo stadium, Cars headed toLangata from the airport are needlessly held up there. I hear they want the Kenyatta Avenue one to remain- that's just creating a bottleneck, clear them all I say.

Funny thing is there was a poll on this development on NTV and surprisingly 23% or so did not think that removing roundabouts will ease congestion. Which Nairobi do these dudes live in? I really wonder.Let's hope that they'll make quick work of it. Next in line should beThika Road which has pointless roundabouts like the one at Githurai-for??

Thursday, 8 March 2007

True Lies

There's a lot of stuff that happens in the movies that just defies the laws of nature here's a site I came across with some of the fiction that is peddled by the movie makers. Pretty interesting stuff. Check it out.

Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Let's talk

To all in cyberspace here comes my second post.
One of my greatest interests is telecommunications after computers i.e and I know that there's a lot of potential in that field in Kenya. Recently the CCK has stepped in to do like Warren G and regulate. might I add that I had once writtten a letter to the editor of the daily Nation published on 29th October 2006, here it is-( . In spite of this Safaricom continues to exploit it's customers but that's for another day...

Thursday, 1 March 2007

Hello world!

To use a tired first line that should be out of circulation! in all these years nobody has come up with a better first program, tsk tsk tsk and they say computer programmers are bright. Anyway that's besides the point.
Hi cyberspace this is my first foray into the blogosphere, now I can say I have a blog! I'll think of something to post soon. Otherwise enjoy yourself