Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Only on paper?

We have a new constitution. Last week we went out in our numbers to give our opinion on the proposed law and the overwhelming majority approved of it. This is a long awaited moment in the history of our country, the culmination of a long struggle which started about twenty years ago. No doubt this is a significant event as we put the pieces together for a new Kenya after the tragedy of the post election chaos in 2008 otherwise known as agenda 4. Some have gone as far as to say that we have a new Kenya. In the heat of the moment we would be tempted to make such conclusions but is it really true? Do we really have a new nation or is it just new on paper for now?

A new Kenya spelt out in that document, changes to our political and social order which well executed will have great benefits to all. However for now it remains as a book- a collection of words on paper. It will take human effort from our leaders and the citizenry at large to make it work. For instance since it was approved social ills like bribery, corruption, inequality still exist. Political change is easy on paper but the social change needs to come from the minds and hearts of the people who have to be willing to change, so let’s pull together and make it happen.

Similarly a long time ago a people were set apart by God for special blessings and were given a set of laws by which to live by and God promised them good success if they kept them –Joshua 1:9. They were numerous and covered many areas of life and would no doubt be hard to maintain, looking at them critically they offered a way to walk clean and righteous. However they failed miserably time and time again and suffered the consequences for it by being taken into captivity and in various other ways. Of course I’m talking about the story of children of Israel in the old testament who were called out of Egypt into the Promised Land. They may have failed in keeping those laws but the Lord promised a new better covenant where he would write the laws in their hearts forgive them their sins and would not need anybody to teach them. Jeremiah 31:31-35. A different kind of law where God does not leave them to their own devices but promised to pour out his spirit on them-

The lesson we learn from the Israelites and their numerous failures is that the written law can not produce the desired change, the people have to obey and change the way they live. In other words the transformation comes from the inside out not outside in. How great it is that we now have a covenant where the law is now in our hearts through Christ who is in us Romans 8:9-11 not just the dead letter of the law 1 Corinthians 3:6.

So now as we reflect on change in our country, my question is have you experienced the greatest and most lasting change? That can only come from God working within you and obedience to his will. Be blessed