Thursday, 9 December 2010

Waiting for the Palace

The other day flipping through the channels I heard one of those preachers on tv exhorting his congregation not to wait for the palace to serve God, you can do it even when you're in the pit. That analogy was clearly from the story of Joseph in Genesis. They sold him to slavery in Egypt but he was still faithful to his master, they threw him in prison but he became the 'chief prisoner' or so to speak. Wherever he was he didn't let circumstances determine his attitude to service and devotion to God. So I king of got what the pastor was talking about though I listened only a couple of seconds.

Thinking about it made me realise that sometimes in life when things aren't so rosy we're like I'll do this and this when I get the money, or when I get that big job but we tend to forget that when we are faithful with the little we'll be entrusted with much- Luke 16:10. Really hits homw for me coz right now I'm at a stage in my life where I feel I'm limited in what I can do but when I think about it I've got the greatest resource of them all- time and that's priceless. So as I work towards getting to the palace I can do something in the pit to bless those around me! At the same time there's no need to despise the day of small beginnings Zech 4:10