Sunday, 27 July 2008

Of Good Samiritans and Dark Knights

This past Tuesday I found myself having to go to the CID headquarters to get a certificate of good conduct. I had planned to collect in 28th after the usual two weeks but something came up and I needed to get it more urgently.

Not wanting to go all the way there only to bounce I asked if anybody in the office knew somebody at he CID so that I could confirm that the cert was ready. Luckily for me one of my colleagues knows a lady who works there however he didn't have her her number at the time neither did he know her name. He told me that he could somehow contact her through somebody at her home. after making a couple of calls he sot into contact with her gave her my details and confirmed that it was ready. I swiftly made arrangements to go and collect it that afternoon.

When I got to the CID headquarters I called the lady- who I learnt is called Winne to ask where Ican pick it up and was directed accordingly. On arriving at the collection point I gave my receipt. There was a problem though- the serial number had not been stamped "dooh" I thought to my self. How could I have forgotten that? I was directed to an office where I could get the number from the computer system. They checked my details and unfortunately the number was not available. However if I produced my ID they could get it. This where I remembered deciding not to carry my ID with me in the morning, after all I didn't know that I needed it. "dooh and double dooh."

At that point I decided to call Winnie up about the matter and she told me to call her back in 2 minutes. True to her word when I called her back she had the number ready and I quickly noted it down and went back to the office to collect the cert. To y relief it was ready but I still had to sign for it. "Where's your ID?" I was asked as I was about to sign. "Oh no not again!" I thought but he let me go easy.

After that experience I made sure to call Winnie and express my gratitude. Somebody I neiher knew or had seen had done a lot to help me without asking or anything in return. It's good to know that there are still genuine people out there. Made me think about how I can be a better person. It also reminded me of this other story.

Now for something completely different.

On Saturday I went to the movies. I had two choices either Wanted or The Dark Knight. Since I had been eagerly waiting for the next Batman movie I was leaning towards that side and after I read a bad review of Wanted the decision was much easier. One word comes to mind- wow! Great action movie the best I've seen this year which has been full of comic book(or is it graphic novel?) heroes. The most outstanding performance was Heath Ledger(Pity he's gine) as The Joker. Also there's lots of explosions and action galore. Story is good too with suspense that makes the 2 and half hours or so look so short. I give this one 5 stars most definitely. No wonder it's breaking records left, right and centre.

Friday, 4 July 2008

PRICE WARS: EPISODE III - Attack of the clone

The Green empire have retreated to their base to nurse the bruises from the last battle and plan their next course of action. The free calls almost ran their network to the ground and they had to adjust it due to the peculiar calling habits in the republic.

The Red team launch an assault, more like a clone of the Greens- 'free' calls yet again! they promise that the network can handle it, but can they now?

Meanwhile a new power is on the horizon the Orange empire are building their troops readying for an attack. The Blues in the other hand try to forge an alliance with the green empire.

The saga continues...