Friday, 4 July 2008

PRICE WARS: EPISODE III - Attack of the clone

The Green empire have retreated to their base to nurse the bruises from the last battle and plan their next course of action. The free calls almost ran their network to the ground and they had to adjust it due to the peculiar calling habits in the republic.

The Red team launch an assault, more like a clone of the Greens- 'free' calls yet again! they promise that the network can handle it, but can they now?

Meanwhile a new power is on the horizon the Orange empire are building their troops readying for an attack. The Blues in the other hand try to forge an alliance with the green empire.

The saga continues...


  1. the free call menace re-appears; but whereas the green empire almost suffocated on it, they were able to contain their minions by regulating the supply.

    However, if the same happens to the red team, they may end up with less terriotory than where they started. It will be another ill-fated attack by the newest (and for how long?) commander

  2. who's the orange team? or the blue one? surely u dont mean telkom?

    ama its the new company,we await it

    we just want reduction in prices, our peculiar calls and all...

    but the red team is still cheaper and winning guys over, i mean their off peak rates are 7 bob cheaper..

    lets wait and see