Tuesday, 19 June 2007

May the FOSS be with you

The title comes from some site I visited on the net. hope it's copylefted. :)

I've used Linux on and off over the last couple of years, installed it at home but lost interest along the way and switched back to Windoze. Now that I've got a new comp I decided to go completely Linux-Ubuntu 7.04 after windows bothered me about activation( a legal copy by the way).

Experience so far has not been bad though I had to install enough packages to use the media. Still haven't got DVD right though, libdvdcss( required to play genuine DVDs the bootlegs work ok) seems to be a problem even after I downloaded the latest version.

Another accomplishment was to connect to the net using GPRS/EDGE and Bluetooth, spent Saturday evening ( yeah I need to get a life) trying to figure it out after some tips from my good friends at skunkworks . turned out the problem was a quotation mark! now I can enjoy my net at home either with USB cable or bluetooth, to the detriment of my mobile airtime of course. Oh how I dream of the day when I I can have cheap net access at home. sigh.

Now I've noticed another problem my system has started becoming slow...

To all the penguins out there, May the FOSS be with you always!

p.s FOSS stands for free and open source software, Star Wars pun very much intended.