Friday, 18 September 2009

Have we learnt?

This is not so much a rant but food for thought.
I was just thinking the other day.. Looking back at 1999 Kenya was going through the same problems, rains had failed, dams were running dry and this lead to water and power rationing. Fast forward to 10 years later 2009, same problems yet again kind of made me wonder whether we learnt anything from our pas experience. Granted we rely a lot on hydro-electricity and diversification has been fast and slow plus of course we can't control the weather, there are some things we could have done.

Okay so we can't control the weather but there's a meteorological department that had warned us of the drought, from previous experience plans could have been made earlier for emergency power generation to mitigate the effects. The government is always talking about development, looks like we still have a long way to go, hope 10 years down the line we won't be going through the same stuff again.

The power rationing is sad but the thing that I'm really worried about is whether we learnt anything from the post election violence last year. Recent events raise questions as to whether people are still reasoning from their tribal cocoons. Case in point is the whole Mau forest issue and most importantly the Truth, Justice and reconciliation commission. The commission affords an opportunity to seek a solution for past ills but it looks like some want to use it to settle scores. Personally I wonder why some would want to use it to prosecute suspects of post election violence. However I think it will be long road to the truth, not necessarily a quick fix for all our problems hope we can be patient.

Just hope that come 2012 our people will have their eyes opened and that people will not be laying down their lives for their leaders, it is the leaders who should be loyal to them. We must never tire of praying for our country!