Friday, 2 March 2012

5 years on

Missed it by a day but here I am. Yesterday was my 5 year blog-versary!
I first appeared on the blogosphere on Thursday 1st March 2007 with a simple hello world post and haven't looked back since then. I can remember being drawn into the blogging world by my bro and my other bro from another mother. Back then blogging was the main thing in so called 'social media' before Facebook and Twitter came along to distract us. I remember those bloggers hang-outs on Fridays at Debonairs with old school guys like M a.k.a Thinker, EGM, Bantu, Mountainous, Unyc, 3TOC, Kafai, Doaz, Gichungwa, Archer, Farmgal etc. Looking through the blogs many have had cobwebs over the last few years - nudge nudge. I'm sure much blame would go to the twitter micro-blogging revolution. Back in the day people went from blogs to twitter and now it's vice-versa. Good to see lots of Kenyans taking to writing I wonder whether the good old Kenya Unlimited can handle the amount of traffic there is today.

Looking back over the 5 years and 108 posts it's been a fun an interesting journey from hello world to rants about traffic, book reviews, sermons, general musings, movie reviews and even a play review somewhere in there. The beauty of the internet is that now everybody has an avenue to share their thoughts to the whole wide world- how great is that. Also glad of late to have used to it to share some of the things that I'm learning from God and life in general. So I'll keep at it and look forward to writing even more for your reading pleasure. Thank you all for dropping by, reading and leaving comments.

Cheers and God bless. See you at 10 years God Willing!