Saturday, 18 August 2007

Protect / Destroy

What a week it has been, 2 exams at work and lots of classes in between. So I really enjoy the opportunity to just chill out at home on Saturday.

The highlight of the week was Tuesday night when I got to hang out with some bloggers and watch Transformers. I hadn't planned to see it but my my bro called me as I was coming home from work and saw it as a good way to unwind after doing an exam that morning. oh and there's this quiz- which tranformer are you?

What a roller coaster ride it was, not exactly Oscar winning material but it was pure entertainment. It had action, great one-liners, hot chicks, hot racks( the cars i.e) al in all a great package, the coolest bit was 'pimp my ride' by bumblebee.

Now on to other stuff as I was browsing came across an interesting blog from a Nigerian sister about how she met her husband- interesting reading oh! Plus another one who calls herself a wild virgin. Check em' out.

Oh and I remember before i had complained about the parking lot that is Mombasa road- The lord heard my cry, the southern bypass to Langata road has finally been opened- cuts a clean hour off commuting time- yay! Right now it's more like a cattle track than a superhighway but it's still a good 'panya' route.

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