Monday, 13 September 2010

In your Dreams

It's that time of year again where I blog about an exceptional movie I have had the pleasure of viewing. Last year Avatar gave us a visual feast but may have been a tad bit thin on storyline. However this year's pick takes the cake. What's more this is a repeat offender - Christopher Nolan directed my 2008 pick The Dark Night. This time he's taken even more honours as the writer and director of Inception. Similar to Avatar for James Cameron, Inception is a labour of  love for Chris with him having started work on it in 2001 and it was well worth the wait!

Chris has delivered a movie that requires your complete concentration from start to end due to it's intricate multi-layered storyline- bat an eyelid and you may miss something. I suppose if I watch it again I'll pick up some details I missed the first time round. The storyline is pretty fresh too, the last movie I watched concerning dreams was Nightmare on Elm Street though it bears a lot of similarities. Complex as it is that doesn't mean that it's all cerebral as it has a good number of eye catching action sequences to give your eyes a feast. Another thing I liked about it was that the dialogue was pretty clean not laden with profanity like some other action movies.

One thing I'm not falling for is 'Mombasa' They tried really hard to fool us but any Kenyan who's been there will realise it's not authentic. Kind of sad that a scene like that which would have easily been shot locally and done some good for our film and tourism industries ended up being shot in Morocco.

The only negative thing I can think of about the movie is that there was no strong main character but in general it's a good movie which will get nominations for Technical aspects at the Oscars. I'm guessing Best Original Screenplay, Best Cinematography, maybe even Best Director and Best Picture who knows. Christopher Nolan has struck again!

And for my parting shot something I came across on the net- ' Leonardo DiCaprio looks really dreamy in Inception'

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