Thursday, 11 November 2010

The Story

We all have a story to tell
Who are you?
Where are you coming from?
Where you at ?
Where are you going?
Could think of thousands of questions to ask

What I see now is a work in progress
The creator made you gave you to those two who cared for you
Gave many more who came along the way
Many have been your day
Some tears, some laugh
Some ups some downs

With each passing minute the Good Lord gives it continues to unfold
Everyday a new page is written in the book
See a good story is enjoyed slowly
Page by page letter by letter
Some chapters move fast, some slow but I still would like to read
This story called your life

There is another story I know all to well
Ready to tell if you treat me well
I have a tale that may not sound oh so swell
but it will all come together if you choose to dwell

There is yet another story
For which pen is yet to meet paper
This ones different as it'll take two to tell

So now as I stand here looking and asking
What's your story?
Tell me yours and I'll tell you mine
Then hand in hand we will set out to write ours
And when the Good Lord sees fit he'll put the final dot
On that  final page


  1. Its not just one story every being has a few tales to tell... And you Gitts have many. Cool words here, ill sure borrow them sometime...

  2. ...this is a beautiful reflective read...
    PS: You quoting Yoda at Biko's got my attention :-)

  3. Thanks, may the force be with you @nyambura :)

  4. :-) right back at you Gitts...and keep posting