Thursday, 17 March 2011

The Garden Route

Been a while since I did a photo post and this time I take you down south to the Eastern and Western Cape provinces. The Garden route has to be the most picturesque coastline I've seen so far, sampled our own flying coastwise from Mombasa to Malindi and it quite doesn't measure up to the time I had the privilege of flying coastwise from George to Port Elizabeth a couple of years back.

What's particularly breathtaking is that there are mountain ranges like the Tsitsikama right next to the coast and you get some high cliffs and gorgeous (pun intended) deep river cut valleys like Storms river with it's bridge. Even before you get there there's the Beautiful Knysna lagoon and Plettenberg bay to feast your eyes on. As they say a picture is worth a thousand words so let's go to the eye candy... click for a larger view...

The Beautiful Knysna lagoon

Stanley's Island, Plettenberg Bay

The famous Storms River bridge

Cape St. Francis Lighthouse

Van Stadens close to Port Elizabeth not really on the route but threw it in


  1. Amazing aerial photos, breathtaking actually.

  2. Thanks bee! actually thank God was just capturing his awesome creation