Friday, 15 April 2011

Good bye!

Every once in a while somebody comes into your life,
You don't know exactly how it starts but they bring so much joy and laughter,
They open their heart you open yours,
You listen to each others' troubles,
Rejoice in each others victories,
Pray for each other,
Reach out to each other.

Every once in a while somebody else takes them away,
for those who love the Lord we know to a better place,
It's hard to let go but it is the end of every one of us,
So we can only accept and remember how fragile life is,
They may be far in body but will live forever in our hearts.

Dear friend I will not forget the time we had together,
You came into my life when I wasn't looking and gave me the greatest gift,
That of a true friend,
one who cares, one who shares, one who loved her family and friends
One who is not afraid to speak the truth whether I wanted to hear it or not
One who knew to lift me when I was down
One who never lost her sense of humour despite all the odds
One who ate life with a big spoon, little did we know you were take your last scoop so soon.

Good bye dear friend, you memories will last
Never to be forgotten, ever to be cherished,
You loved and were loved by many,
Till we meet again at Jesus' feet,
Fare thee well Colleta Wanjiru Muchangi

Gituma Nturibi

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  1. Colleta was my classmate.A very brilliant girl, English language and literature was her thing.she was born again those days.I never got to know what took away her life at such an opportune age:(.I had a dream soon after her death and we conversed... May God rest her soul in eternal peace and may her daughter grow in love.