Tuesday, 7 June 2011

The Beautiful Game

Artistry, poetry in motion, such beautiful movement it almost brings tears to your eyes... That's how football is when it is played at it's best and over the last few months we've been treated to team that has exemplified the tenets of this beautiful game. It goes without saying I'm talking about the exploits of the deserved 2011 European champions FC Barcelona. Some would argue like Jose Mourinho that they got a little help from match officials but in the final analysis the quality of the football spoke for itself. The red cards against Arsenal and Real Madrid may have been dodgy but I wonder what would have happened with even eleven men still on the pitch.

So what makes the team so great. Is it the triumvirate of Messi, Iniesta and Xavi with their slick passing and positioning? Is it Messi's trickery which makes one wonder whether he applies super glue on his boots before the game? Is it David Villa and his quality in front of goal? Is it the coaches tactics? I could go on and on to find out the secret behind this well oiled machine. Personally I don't think it's the coach so much as the quality in the players, I believe even a baboon could coach those guys and they'll still excel.

Barcelona are excellent in possession but what is even more important is what they do when they are off the ball. They keep pressing at you and you make mistakes... When they're on it you're afraid to press as you may expose yourselves to your own embarrassment. Not to taking anything away from their victory but I'm surprised Manchester United didn't learn anything from their loss in 2009. It was like a case of same script different cast. Granted the lackadaisical approach of players like Micheal Carrick and the old legs of Ryan Giggs were always going to find it tough going against team Barcelona.

So as the Catalan artists- sometimes actors especially one Sergio Busquets sit on their perch at the top of European football we ask who'll unseat them? in 2010 The Special One was able to navigate around but in 2011 it was tough going against 12 men. However I think his defensive tactics may have done it but Sir Alex's traditional 4-4-2 is clearly not the way to go. For now we;ll continue being Messimerized by them until somebody comes and unseat the 'best club side in history.' I've seen a few in my time like the Galacticos of real Madrid but I've never seen the game played so beautifully, a joy to watch and the Manchester United players clearly agreed with me...



  1. You cannot be more right. Even when Barcelona loses or draw a game, they still amazing. How many fans can say their team lost but they can still talk about brilliant moments. Even in defeat they still outclass their opponents.

    And can people please stop comparing Messi with Ranaldo. Ranaldo is a great striker, but that is where the comparison stops. Messi is an out and out soccer genius. His general play far outclass Ranaldo.

    You enjoy every second Messi has the ball.Why? because you can expect anything to happen. One moment he pass the ball only to skill one,two,three,four defenders the next time. Sometimes he makes his intention clear that he is going for goal with three to four defenders infront of him and there is nothing they can do.

    I really think that by now no team can be surprised by Messi but still he does what he wants on the field.

    People who dont like Messi, please realise the privelege we have to see such a genius in our lifetime.

    I am a great fan of Pele and Maradonna. Pele was before my time and I can only see old clips of him in action. When Maradonna reigned supreme there was not so much media coverage of sport events. Now we have Supersport and we are privilege to see this great player almost every week in action. Lets enjoy this and one day when all is done and dusted, we can look back and say "I was there"

    Viva Messi!!!!! The greatest player of our time and maybe all time.

    1. He's a great, the last great player in my opinion was Zidane. He could do it all too. I'm also a fan of Ronaldo particularly when he was at United but he has the tricks but his main weapon is pace. Messi can do more at a slower pace and has a greater influence on the game. However I enjoy their goal scoring rivalry. I was too young to remember Maradona but the videos speak for themselves. Pele too. Thanks for visiting and commenting

  2. I agree with you. Barcelona is the best team ever!!!!

    1. Oh and MEssi can earn the title of greatest ever when he lifts the World Cup which Pele and Maradona have