Thursday, 28 July 2011

My Five Links

 I was tagged by @savvykenya 

Most Popular Post

The post I did after I was completely underwhelmed by something they tried to pass off as a play at Heartstrings. Seriously I was pissed by what I saw or is it didn't see. Got over 200 views in less than two hours. sadly comments were not working so I didn't get to gauge  gauge the reactions

Post That Didn’t Get The Attention It Deserved

A post I did asking Kenyans if we have learnt anything from 2007 and how to avoid it again

Post Whose Success Surprised Me

My very first post which is basically saying nothing but somehow keep s getting viewed all the time

My Most Controversial Post

I think it would have to be my rant against overlappers

Post I Am Most Proud Of

The post I would be most proud of is the one on Faith in difficult times as it's one that is from my life experience

Enjoy, ladies and gentlemen.

I hereby tag @mountainous - come on out of your slumber @neemom and @ndinda_

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  1. Glad i tagged you.. now onto your archives I go!