Thursday, 6 March 2008

One quiet Sunday

After a long hiatus I come back into the Blogosphere.

Let me just share an interesting thing I saw in the last 2 weeks, last Sunday to be precise. My housemate was hosting some of his pals for a birthday party in the crib. 3 of them were having a joint party 2 guys and a chick. Apparently one of the chicks was going out with the dude so after the cake cutting ceremony he proceeded to give a special gift to his chick.

He started off with a long of story of how they've known each other since their school days and cracked some jokes here and there as he held a card in his hands. After a not so long speech he had something else to say. He reached towards his pocket and started getting down on one knee- could it be? as you guessed a small package came out of his pocket. Inside the box was a tanzanite ring! then he asked- 'want more cake?' hehehe.

Yeah a question was asked and he girl went into shock covering her head and fanning herself with her hands- temperature had risen through the roof! After a while she cooled down and luckily for him a positive response was given.

Well that's something I probably won't get to see again. Notes taken :)

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