Thursday, 6 March 2008


thanks to The mountain
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1. I eat bananas with the peel completely removed i.e a naked banana- something that my house mate finds really wierd. Learnt this Habit from this guy

2. When I'm working on something, especially when it's tough my toungue sticks out of my mouth. A habit shared with Michael Jordan so no sweat there

3. I don't put sugar in my tea/coffee. Habit I learnt from a friend in campus, been sugar free since September 2006. In fact nowadays when I put sugar in coffee I find the taste awful!

4. I zone out a lot. Could say I have a short attention span and sleep a lot in classes so I'm usually the butt of many jokes.

5. I find it impossible to litter. Hate it when people throw stuff out of car windows, would rather have my pockets full of sweet wrappers than throw one on the ground. However funny enough I'm not exactly the most organised guy.

6. I have missing tooth a molar to be precise so you wouldn't notice, not lost in a fight by the way. I'm too young to be losing teeth!

I will tag the following just to go with the flow so sorry to:

Tweedle dee, tweedle dumb


  1. Now how is it possible to eat a banana with the peel....
    I also don't like littering and since when did you stop using sugar?

  2. Now u go and tag me...i have been trying to ignore all those who did.:)

    Like mountainous i was wondering the same.

    Coffee/Tea without sugar is YUCK!!! i can't stand it. I love sugar.

  3. @kirima clarified it a bit. when? the answer is like right there!

    @unyc- I don't need any sugar I'm already sweet enough as it is

  4. What happens when I have get the same tag twice? Link? If I do the tag again, you will know way too much about me!

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