Wednesday, 4 June 2008

PRICE WARS: EPISODE II - The Empire strikes Back

A lot is afoot in the galaxy, the war is beginning to gather pace. Thegreen empire is doing well, trade is at an all time high and profitsare unprecendented. This time the empire is kind enough to 'reward'it's subjects for their loyalty. Free calls all night from 9 to 6 onlyafter paying the required tribute no less. The masses get excited andresort to their peculiar habits and the network soon gets clogged.

Meanwhile on the other side the members of the red alliance continueenjoying the congestion free network. However there is a sense thatthe green empire could yet have some more tricks up their sleeves...


  1. The Red Empire gets my vote!

  2. nice blog and thanks for adding my site to your blogroll

  3. The Red empire anytyme! I love the way u hv put it.