Monday, 23 June 2008

Safari Sevens

This Sunday for the first time Ever I managed to make my way to the Rugby Football Union of East Africa grounds on Ngong road for Kenya's premier rugby event the Tusker Safari sevens. Lets just say I discovered what I've been missing all this years. It was a great day weather was fine unlike the previous day which had been freezing cold.

Almost immediately after I came in I witnessed our own Kenyan boys beat the world champions Fiji in the quarter finals on their way to the title. There was a really big crowd and it looks like soon we'll need arugby stadium to cater for all those fans. Also in attendance were the Prime minister and his deputy who was presenting the trophies.

Here are some pics (note:taken from a phone hence the quality) of the goings on.
Kenya vs Fiji at the quarters
Some of us at the 'Russia' stand

The dying minutes of the final- Kenya vs Emerging Springboks
Yet another shot from the finals

All in all it capped a fantastic weekend which began with the hugely successful Barcamp on Saturday. Now it's back to work after my week off...


  1. Even though it's right in my backyard, I didn't attend Sevens. Too many other things going on! I'ma have to make a point of doing so next year.

  2. egm. hata sijui niseme.

    gitts, you were one of the noisemakers from russia? i was in korogocho, across from russia! it was a fun sunday!

  3. @egm pole you missed!

    @31337- my voice was almost gone at the end of the day! super fun lakini guys don't know how to cheer most cheers were like 2,3 lines then silence

  4. Dude, looks like you are having plenty of fun.